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  • Multi-purpose all-in-one palette
  • Eyeshadow+Highlighter + Blush + Contour
  • Fine powder, smooth color development
  • Rich colour, multiple makeups in one palette
  • A combination of everyday practicality and colour play

how to use

1、Eye shadow:
1) Choose a base color similar to skin color, and touch up the eye sockets in a large area;
2) Apply the main color at both ends of eyes and slowly smudge it away;
3) Apply a glitter color suitable for the main color of eye makeup in the middle of the eyes.
2、Contour: Take the appropriate amount of contour powder, brush on the cheekbones and sideburns, from the outside to the inside extension, to create a natural thin face effect
3、Blush: After completing the makeup setting, dip the brush into the blush powder; smile in front of the mirror and brush the blush on the cheeks near the apple muscle;
4、Highlighting: After finishing setting makeup, dip a brush into an appropriate amount of highlighting powder; gently hit the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and brow bone areas;


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