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Product NO: LP-217

New 20 colours lipstick palette, velvety texture, rich and high pigmented , easy to stain. Mild ingredients, moisturise and protect lips, long-lasting and not easy to fall out of colour.


How to use

1. Before using, apply lip balm to your lips as a base;
2. Use a lip brush to apply an appropriate amount of lipstick, outline the lip line, and then fill it in and apply it to your lips.



  • 1. Matte velvet texture, high-end soft mist texture;
  • 2. Contains lip nourishing essence ingredients:
    1) Glycerin: Moisturizing and soft, and has a certain long-lasting color locking effect;
    2) Polyhydroxystearic acid: regulating the stability of the texture, improve the color rendering of toner, and also has certain lip protection effects.
  • 3. 20 trendy colors can be mixed as desired;
  • 4. Multi-use in one palette: lips + blush + eye shadow and other areas can be used;
  • 5. Rich usage scenarios: daily use, stage drama makeup, COS makeup, makeup artist special use, etc.

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SKU: LP-217
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